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Uniforms, T-Shirts & Accessories

Supercharge Your Business with Branded Clothing and Accessories. Imagine turning employees into brand ambassadors – not through a tagline, but through their everyday attire. Branded uniforms, t-shirts, and accessories are a cost-effective way to supercharge your marketing, fostering brand awareness, building team spirit, and creating a professional image. This strategy extends your reach beyond traditional channels, generating organic brand promotion through social media and leaving a lasting impression on every customer interaction. Ready to unlock the marketing potential of branded apparel? Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how we can create a customized solution to elevate your business or brand .


Wood, Acrylic & PVC

Bring your vision to life with our expertise in custom fabrication! Whether you need durable PVC for outdoor signage, crystal-clear acrylic for sleek displays, or the timeless warmth of wood, our team can craft unique pieces to meet your specific needs.

Signage & Graphics

Signage goes beyond decoration, offering a powerful toolbox to sell your brand, deliver information, and influence customer behavior. From storefront graphics to stickers, impactful visuals grab attention and tell your story. Backlit Signage: Grabs attention 24/7 with illumination. Increases visibility in low-light conditions. Creates a modern and professional appearance. Banners: Versatile and cost-effective for temporary or permanent use. Easy to transport and install. Great for promotions, events, and wayfinding. Cabinet Signs: Provides a three-dimensional look for added impact. Durable and weather-resistant for outdoor use. Can be illuminated for increased visibility. Compliant Signage: Ensures your signage meets all legal regulations. Avoids fines and penalties. Creates a safe and accessible environment. Lettering: Clean and professional way to identify your business. Can be customized to match your brand identity. Versatile for use on walls, doors, windows, and vehicles. Menu Boards: Clearly displays your food and drink offerings. Easy to update for seasonal changes or promotions. Enhances the customer dining experience. Vehicle Graphics: Turns your vehicle into a mobile advertisement. Increases brand awareness on the road. Cost-effective way to reach a large audience. Floor Graphics: Grabs attention and directs foot traffic. Ideal for promotions, safety messages, and wayfinding. Durable and slip-resistant for high-traffic areas. Window Graphics: Creates eye-catching displays without blocking light. Enhances privacy and adds a decorative touch. Can be used to promote sales, events, or branding. Retractable Banners: Portable and easy to set up for events or trade shows. Lightweight and convenient for storage. Great for creating a professional presentation. Static Cling: Easy to apply and remove without damaging surfaces. Perfect for temporary promotions or window displays. Cost-effective way to update your signage.


Commercial Furniture & Displays

We design and build high-quality commercial furniture and displays to elevate your brand and drive sales. From reception desks to clothing racks and kiosk displays, our team of experts creates functional and visually appealing solutions to transform your space. Let us help you craft the perfect first impression and turn browsers into buyers.

Custom ferniture

Success thrives on collaboration! At TeeChealo, we work hand-in-hand with clients, ensuring their needs are heard and solutions exceed expectations.

Let's Do This Together!

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