• Trendy and Comfortable

  • Versatile and Subtle

  • Distinctive and Streamlined

  • Flattering and Fashionable

TEECHEALO offer stylish options.

No matter what kind of industry you’re in, having apparel with your custom brand is an important part of your marketing approach that can positively impact your business. One of the ways we can put this to work for you is by providing employees with uniforms that feature your company’s logo. Branded uniforms have been shown to be a low-cost measure to boost image, customer retention, and employee morale.

Apparel with your logo on it also help create a sense of camaraderie among your workers and promotes a sense of pride in the work they do. And among customers, uniforms can help instill a sense of trust and credibility in your customers and clients.

From uniforms to merchandise with your corporate logo or brand name you will get great visibility towards your business.




Think about how the clothing you offer could be approached by the wearer in a way that you have never thought of before. How can the items be layered together in a unique way? Is there an interesting color combination that you could put together that is still within brand guidelines, yet is unexpected? If there has ever been a time in history for businesses to have fun and try new things, this is it! Consumers are in the mood to find what is unique in the world and they are rewarding those who can do that with their attention and their dollars. So, get inventive and start influencing!


From uniforms to merchandise with your school or team logo you will get great visibility towards your organization.

 Feel connected! 

Inject your school or team with a heavy dose of team spirit!

Identify each other & unite! When everyone is wearing the same custom uniform or branded merchandise with the same colors, you feel connected. Wearing branded products provides a feel that you are all working together, towards a common goal.

Great for fans and family too! Custom merchandise in your favorite team or group's colors featuring your class logo or team mascot allows fans and family to show their loyalty and support. It unites the whole community!


  • Celebrations

  • Family trips

  • Bachelor parties

  • Friendly gatherings

Let’s make custom t-shirts and other great group gear!



Have an event you want to commemorate?

Focus on what matters - telling your story and raising awareness.

  • No hassle

  • No upfront costs

  • No inventory

  • No risk

We help you create an online fundraising campaigns to sell customized printed goods to raise money for your team, group, cause, organization, event or community.

 It’s like your very own custom fundraising site! 

We handle the printing, fill the orders and send along the funds you raise. You can focus on what matters - telling your story and raising awareness and funds in a risk-free environment.

It’s easy! Here’s how it works

  • We help you plan which products and designs will be most effective.

  • We create and launch your very own fundraising web store.

  • You share and promote your fundraising store.

  • We handle the fulfillment and send along the funds you raise.






Ideal for long runs and bold colors. Good choice for simple designs, a few solid colors, and when you’re making many t-shirts of the same design at a time.


Gradients, unlimited colors and seriously innovative photographic details.

DTG Is ideal for designs that demand many colors, shadows or gradients, and it’s perfect for small orders, where screens would not be cost effective. No minimums quantities, no set up fees, and no color restrictions.


The favorite for corporate apparel, uniforms and caps. The look of embroidery is perceived to be professional, clean, and durable, which gives high value to your apparel.

  • Flat: The standard type of stitching that you are probably used to.

  • 3-D: Gives the design a dramatically raised effect.


Use for sportswear, simple graphics like text-based designs with basic shapes. Low minimums. Specialty finishes: glitter, reflective, glow in-the-dark, metal.




Get creative no matter what the clock says!

Create your own master-piece with t-shirts, tanks and more in our online design studio.


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